SAW Games Pass On GameStop NFT Marketplace

GameStop has partnered with Internet Game and Lionsgate to offer a Games Pass for a compendium of NFT games inspired by the SAW franchise.

According to the GameStop NFT Marketplace:

SAW Games Pass is an official Autograph NFT as part of the SAW Games Pass Collection. This NFT grants the holder access to Internet Game’s SAW-themed mini-game competition held 10/31/22 through 11/05/22. Purchasers will receive a unique SAW Games Pass (non-transferable) for each NFT purchased in their wallet before 10/31/22 to participate in gameplay.


Games Pass NFT Grants Access To 3 Games

Players need to purchase the NFT between now and October 31st to gain access to three successive games of survival that unlock daily, beginning on November 1st.

The games pit players against a series of deadly traps. Not much is yet known about the gameplay, but the Internet Game website teases the following “Blood Bucket,” “Incinerator,” and “Acid Bath” images.

Blood Bucket, Incinerator, and Acid Bath-themed games

Last Players Standing Win Serious Prizes

Do well, and you’ll end the series with most of your health intact. Those who perform the best might walk away with a slew of SAW-themed prizes, including exclusive NFTs, an OLED model Nintendo Switch, and trips to the set of the next SAW film.

You can purchase multiple Game Passes and try your luck as often as your wallet can afford it. However, a single games pass sells for approximately $50—pretty steep for a limited, three-day gaming experience.

If you decide to play, make sure you don’t miss a game. According to the FAQ, you will “lose all your health and die. No exceptions.” Also, keep in mind that the games are only available on desktop—you won’t be able to play on your mobile phone.