Free Gods Unchained Cards for Gamestop Pro Members

It’s a good day to be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro member.

Starting today, Pro members will receive an exclusive redemption code for Gods Unchained expansion packs. These expansion packs contain collectible NFT playing cards that can be used to build decks and compete in multiplayer matches.

And, since the cards are NFTs, pro members are free to use them however they choose, even trade or sell the cards to other players.

Unlocking Value For Millions of Players

This is an exciting development for the partnership between GameStop and Immutable. Until today, the partnership consisted of a $100 million fund for NFT creators, and as-of-yet unreleased Layer-2 integration into GameStop’s NFT Marketplace.

If everything goes smoothly, this will be a massive feat of scale for the leading web3 competitive trading card game. If 10% of GameStop’s Pro members take advantage of the offer, it will double Gods Unchained’s player base, which is already half a million community members.

This will be one of the largest web3 marketing experiments for gaming in history - and a good test of the web3 onboarding funnel for users at scale.

Robbie Ferguson

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a competitive, free-to-play, tactical card game that gives players ownership of their in-game items via NFTs. This is not your typical pay-to-win garbage that dominates the free-to-play space. The team is led by Chris Clay, the former Game Director of Magic The Gathering: Arena.

a talented team, people with really good principles when it comes to game design, and that is a very, very promising thing for the future.

Merchant, TCG YouTuber & Streamer

Get Your Codes

Only current members of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro membership—as of September 27th, 2022—are eligible to participate in the promotion. Members will have a month to redeem their code.