About Bullshit Network

Why Bullshit Network?

When I was a kid, I saw a commercial on Saturday morning TV that taught me a powerful lesson. The commercial featured two boys my age playing with several small fighter jets while a heavy-metal, face-melting guitar solo blared in the background—typical nineteen-eighties drivel.

My seven-year-old brain was enthralled. No, not by the animated explosions and excited kids high-fiving each other; the seemingly impossible technology was what interested me. The tiny fighter jets were attached to plastic finger rings, and when the commercial kids pumped their fists into the air, the jets seemed to fly through the sky as if by magic.

After a week of begging my mom for these toys, she bought me a combo: one “Ring Raider” and one “Skull Squadron” (the bad guys). I could barely contain myself as I ripped open the blister pack and slipped the rings on my fingers.

And then nothing happened.

The jets were affixed to the rings by a short, clear plastic rod. They didn’t seem to detach, so I thought I was doing something wrong. I remembered from the commercial that the planes were flying in the blue sky, so I ran outside to see if that would fix the problem. You and I both know it didn’t, but kid-me stayed in the front yard for an hour, trying everything to get these things to work as they did on the TV.

I told my mom she bought the wrong toy, but she pointed at the clearly-labeled packaging. I fumed while waiting for the commercial to come back. When it did, I analyzed every frame while disappointment sank from my heart to my stomach. This commercial encouraged me to buy something that defied the laws of physics. It used clever editing and carefully-angled camera shots of the product to make it seem like the planes could fly.

I had fallen for a marketing gimmick. It was kid’s stuff, but that lesson has remained with me for forty years.

What is Bullshit Network?

Bullshit Network is an attempt to offer engaging content and news without a hidden agenda. It’s not just about identifying and avoiding deceptive marketing; it’s bigger than that.

Most of the content you consume in the media and on TV is carefully crafted to manipulate your lizard brain into doing something, buying something, selling something, or propagating an idea.

We’re not going to do that shit to you here.

Content Without Bullshit

We’ll give you our honest takes on topics from technology, finance, crypto, and whatever else catches our interest. We don’t have an agenda, we just want to write about the stuff we like, and we want you to read it without all the bullshit.

  • We cite our sources, and we hold those sources accountable.
  • If we write about a product or investment we own, we’ll tell you upfront about it so you can make your own decisions.
  • We value your privacy. We anonymize your IP address when we collect data for analytics, and we don’t share that data with anyone.
  • It will be clearly labeled if we make money from an affiliate link.
  • We serve ads (gotta keep the lights on). But we’ll never bombard you with nonsense or inject ads between every paragraph like a desperate recipe blog. What ads we do serve will be clearly labeled.

That’s our promise.